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Language Arts and Literacy

Laying foundations in reading, comprehension, writing, speaking, listening and critical thinking. Advanced courses in creative writing, blogging and journalism available too.

Social Studies

Integrating current news and Virtual Reality, students are transported to faraway places, such as Ancient Rome to witness a game at the Colosseum, or to New York City to watch the hustle and bustle of modern day living.

Science - Theory & Practice

Project-based approach and live experiments with students to connect knowledge to practice. 


Bringing understanding and application of mathematical concepts into reality. Students explore Geometry by building bird-houses, Mental Math for money-management skills, Measurement and Accuracy through baking and more!

“Miss Jia is truly admirable for her patience and dedication; always coming up with various ingenious methods to capture my young child's attention. She takes everything with stride and patiently answers all the questions thrown all over by a bunch of excited five-year olds. My child is really thriving in this open learning environment despite being such a timid child by nature”

Eva, Jaynee's mom


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